Virtual Event Support & Solutions

Creative and unique full-cycle Virtual Event support

Thinking of organizing a virtual event is one thing but being successful with one is another.  It can be a major undertaking, not to mention stressful and costly without the right kind of expertise and tools.

Are you inundated with the idea of organizing a virtual event? Don’t know where to start or what tools to use?? We get you. And like 1000s of other businesses and companies your plans can be successful.

Any event whether face to face or virtual should be undertaken with utmost care. And this is why Tahoe Inspired teamed up with MC Virtual Events to produce our virtual events.

Virtual Events services

  • Webinar

For anyone looking to host live webinars, automated webinars, or scheduled webinars hassle-free! The “full-suite of features” allow you to create, host, promote, build a list, schedule your webinars amongst other things. And the best part? You don’t need to be tech savvy to succeed in reaching horde of your audience irrespective of their locations.

  • Avatar

Enjoy all the benefits of a virtual event with a bit of extra thanks to 3D Avatars! Boasting cutting-edge 3D technology, we help virtual event hosts create can a fully immersive experience by replicating what real life “in-contact” experience feels like. In simple terms, attendees though separated by distance would get to enjoy event-going experience with one another thanks to technologies that recreate the physical appearance of participants into avatars that would mimic real event going experience complete with detailed look-alike venue and interactions.

  • Planning and implementation

Your choice of virtual event technology and software solution is directly related to the success or failure of your virtual events. We’ll or kith you to ensure you leverage the right solutions to maximize the benefits of your virtual events. Our virtual events support and solutions are designed for fast and smooth implementation, so that you can see benefits as soon as possible without disrupting your business processes.

  • Live streaming

Our advanced support for managing video hosting, on-demand play and customer satisfaction rating means you can be confident that your target audience can follow your event from anywhere in the world. With support for many different platforms including HTML5 as well as mobile operating systems, this is the live streaming service for your events be it concerts, meetings, product lunches, sport games and so on.

  • Interactive Web Events

Introduce your audience and attendees to a virtual experience they can’t stop talking about right to the comfort of their homes, offices, or devices. The highlights of our solution lie in the fact that your audience feels part of the entire event thanks to a combination of creative content, user-friendly features, and deep industry insights. The result? More interaction among attendees and even better conversions.

Bringing to the table passion, cutting edge technologies a leading virtual event software, as well as prerequisite skills, be assured the best solution will be entirely tailored to your requirements and budget to ensure maximum return on your investment.

We will deploy and support you with our creative flair, world-class assets, and commendable expertise from conceptualization, implementation to monitoring. This assures that we overcome errors, and issues which guarantees that your event would translate into more attendance, greater level of engagement and seamless connection, thus fulfilling your event objectives.

  • Perfect for meetings, recruitments, product launches, lead generation, sales, training, etc
  • Event features include chat, surveys, content sharing, interactive environment, messaging, polls, quizzes, games and so on
  • Supports mobile, live streaming, downloads and in-event promotions like ads and giveaways, branding, and customizations
  • Round the clock on-demand customer support
  • Integration with other marketing tools like email marketing, funnel builders, tracking tools

Don’t let location or lack of expertise get in the way. Your business is worth it! Working with us will have you well on your way to putting together a terrific virtual event. You’ll be happily surprised at how many people want to participate and hear what you’ll be offering. We will make it a fun event and you’ll be glad you got in touch with us now.