We’ll ensure smooth journeys

It has to be said that sometimes we go above and beyond for our clients – our event transportation solution is definitely an example.

Whether it is a separate event, involves multiple venues or multiple days, or for a special venture away from your event venue, our extensively traveled transportation department involving coordinators and dispatchers can direct detailed, well-coordinated transportation for your group or organization in a fast and secure way.

Each trip will be detailed and directed with the passion that is the hallmark of Tahoe Inspired and tailored to the specific needs of your business culture.

As part of our service:

  • Developing your event transportation strategy
  • Screening for qualified transport hire services
  • Permits and requesting for police assistance
  • Developing a budget
  • Facilitate the prompt pick up of your guests
  • Assist in ensuring proper route planning to avoid traffic or sudden road closure
  • Venue address validation
  • Friendly and round-the-clock customer assistance as well as follow-ups