Total Event Logistics

You need not break the bank to have a dedicated team to make all your logistics-related worries vanish. At Tahoe Inspired we believe the time is of the essence, and that with more time and extra help, you could get more important things done. Save time and stress off by handing over your event’s mundane task of logistics to our team today and “consider it done.”

With many pieces to the event puzzle, bringing them together to form the perfect event you have in mind is not easy, much less if you don’t have a reliable rollcall of suppliers and vendors. That’s where we come in: we’ve got a host of 5-star vendors and suppliers that matter on speed dial. Our team is highly experienced, and our passion drives us to go the entire length to meticulously handle details that can be the make or break of an event.

Whether it’s a sales convention, a board of directors meeting, incentive program, or dinner for VIP guests, Tahoe Inspired will ensure with the aid of an exhaustive checklist collate and meet all logistical requirements so you can focus your attention on enjoying the function as much as your guests.

Our event logistics services include:

  • Invitation mailing
  • Guestlist management
  • Travel ticket reservation
  • Transfers and welcome reception
  • Reservation of accommodation/ Hotel check-in assistance
  • Attendee registration
  • Provision of event materials
  • Ushering during events
  • Support to guests
  • Transportation of materials. Equipment etc.
  • Warehousing/ Storage and distribution

Size, location, and preferences are no barriers. Regardless, of which our team is adept at intuitively understanding and adapting our services to meet your needs on-time and within budget. With us, one thing is certain: you’re a step closer to achieving a memorable event.