Sponsorship Management

Tahoe Inspired pays attention to details in the weaving event sponsorship management plan that allows businesses and organizations to win in the marketplace!

Being a time-tested leader in the corporate event and hospitality industry, we’ve discovered that when organizations fail to make sponsorship work, it is typically a failure of the sponsorship management team to match the corporate goals of the client to sponsors whose vision stands to gain mutual benefits.

At Tahoe Inspired, we do things differently: starting with a client-centric strategy, transitioning into an all-bases-covered plan, then meticulously executing the plan and ensuring success by the aid of evaluation tools.

In any case, we deliver a positive impact to the bottom line through:

  • Building comprehensive plans, including market analyses, ambush marketing, and global marketing tools
  • Event valuation to determine the logical fit between the objectives and agenda of the event and sponsors
  • Identifying and addressing underlying factors in the marketplace that can operate against an organization’s chances at sponsorships
  • Providing timely and actionable information regarding socio-economic indicators so clients make informed decisions
  • Aggressive media relations activities prior to, during, and after event
  • Stacking the odds in favor of customers when handling various sponsorship rights (broadcast, logo, signage, etc.)

Sponsorship, whether it is retail promotions, media traffic, on-site event promotion, rights acquisition, licensing etc., is a promotional tool that we can leverage to produce the desired outcome.

Tahoe Inspired recommends and implements productive tools designed to help you leverage sponsorship deals to the fullest. This we’ve achieved for 100s of clients of various sizes and cultures. We’d love to help you too – contact us now to discover a winning strategy.