On-Site Management

With years of serving the corporate hospitality marketplace, at Tahoe Inspired, we fully grasp the enormity of holding things together, so they don’t fall apart for any corporate event.

To produce a truly stunning and memorable occasion, on-site management should not be treated as an afterthought – mere activities that are “handled” as need be. Rather, it requires the full attention and required skills of a dedicated team to ensure a successful event that puts your corporate brand in good standing. And this is where our on-site event managers at Tahoe Inspired surpasses most in the industry.

With a dedicated staff, our immaculately dressed staff are always on hand to handle any task with sufficient resourcefulness, ardor, and flair, liaising extensively with your organization, vendors, and suppliers to prevent unwanted surprises and ensure a worry-free event.

On-site management services:

  • Guest/ Attendee registration
  • Implementation of the programming for the event
  • Logistical management and problem solving
  • Audio-visual and media needs
  • Evaluation and closure of the event
  • Preparation of meeting materials
  • Exhibit Hall Management
  • Supplies and vendor management
  • Emergencies and special needs
  • Provision of hospitality desk to provide attendees with help and information

These activities above and many more are extremely important to the success of your event. At Tahoe Inspired, we understand this and will take care of these tasks with maximum efficiency and minimum fuss allowing you and your guest to enjoy the magical proceedings of the event, and the best part – you don’t have to concern yourself with any of the dull practicalities.