Hotel Room Blocks

Season to season and event after event, Tahoe Inspired has earned the reputation as one of the best sources for reservation of 10+ Hotel rooms for your event.

Hotel room blocks reservation services are designed to save you time and money while ensuring your guests have stunning accommodation they’ll thank you for. However, finding a place for your guests helping beat the standard rate is only a partial function of what we’ll do for you.

Your team is in good standing with a carefully curated list of hotels. These hotels are considered for their scenic landscapes, invigorating amenities, deluxe décor, assured security, renowned customer experience, etc. which we are confident will guarantee a relaxing combination of excellent service, natural ambiance, and value for money.

Professionally trained and experienced, our event planners and consultants are dedicated to your satisfaction and overall best interest above all else. This means we’ll help you negotiate contract terms such as the Allowable Shrinkage Clause, Attrition Rate or Minimum Commitment, and Mitigation Clause or Resell Clause with minimal risk of liability.

As part of our package, we will:

  • Search, research and recommend the major hotels near your venue
  • Help you negotiate price discounts and concessions
  • Make reservations for lodging
  • Communicate your hotel block information to your guests
  • Manage your guest list and organize your attendees
  • Help your guests settle in