Golf Tournament Planning

Tahoe Inspired provides the ultimate experience in Golf Tournament Planning and Management services, offering premium packages to sought-after golf events around the globe.

We recognize golf tournaments as perfect opportunities for starting and building relationships with those people who can move your business forward. Therefore, starting with some of the most exclusive and high profile golf tournaments, we will work with you to build an experience that is the perfect opportunity for you to build those relationships that are key to your business.

Tahoe Inspired offers an infinite number of choices when it comes to designing your exceptional custom golf tournament experience.


Beginning with exquisite travels and first-class accommodation to exclusive access to VIP golf clubs and events as well as the provision of thoughtful memorabilia and other premium perks. Add some rounds or plan your own tournament at a top-ranked PGA course complete with a pampering experience from start to finish. We want you to know and recognize that we signed up to care for all your needs, while you relax and have a great time.

With the reputation for excellence, our meticulous planning will go into setting the menu and selecting the location and make all necessary arrangements for meeting space and equipment to realize any agenda.

And as with all our other services, dedicated and professional staff will be on hand to deliver highly personalized and comprehensive service that will impress your guests or prospects and enhance your business’ position in your industry.

We guarantee an experience that will happen in an atmosphere of comfort and elegance featuring impeccable taste and distinction.


  • Private Luxury Accommodations
  • Exclusive VIP Receptions
  • Event Site Hospitality and Entertainment
  • Personalized Limo Service
  • Chartered Air Service/ Private Jet Service
  • Guided Tours