Guest List Prep Nuts & Bolts: Our Top Tips

Your guest list strategy is almost as important as determining your spending plan (budget), and closely tied into your spending plan.  In fact, if your guest list is out of control, so will be your spending plan. The secret is to manage it from the start.

Your guest list will be made up of the number of family and friends that corresponds with the intimacy of the wedding, and is consistent with your wedding spending plan.  It is most traditionally comprised of half guests from the bride’s side and half from the groom’s; however, this can vary for many reasons.  (more…)

Thoughts On Preparing The (Dreaded But) Necessary Wedding Budget | Four Tips

Ok, I get it. No one likes giving a “budget” because just the “feel” of the word implies “restriction”.  And when you see how much things cost when planning a wedding, one’s dreams can quickly deflate and one can feel especially restricted.  Especially if you do not have a professional wedding planner who can help you at the onset with maximizing your budget and helping you “marry” (sorry, couldn’t resist) your dreams with a realistic “spending plan”. And that’s the phrase I prefer:  “spending plan“.  Everyone has one.  Even the multi-million dollar weddings have a plan for their money.  And with a professional wedding consultant on your side, they know the tricks to make sure your spending plan is extended as far as possible.  (more…)