“I have a tip that can take 5 strokes off anyones game, it’s called an eraser.” – Arnold Palmer

How do I find the perfect Tahoe/Reno golf course/venue that will be within my budget?

Tahoe Inspired Tournaments offers packages that can guide you to the right golf course and venue which will fit perfectly with your audience and budget!  We can negotiate the greens and venue fees, find out what the golf course staff will be including, and then present you with a full cost estimate spreadsheet to show your costs associated with that venue.

How do I make money for my non-profit with a golf tournament?

Tahoe Inspired Tournaments will discuss and review all of your sponsorship opportunities, develop a list and an Approach Plan.  We can also create sponsorship packages you can easily email to your clients, too.  There are a number of ways to generate revenue funds for your non-profit by executing a charity golf tournament and Tahoe Inspired Tournaments can help in getting you there!

What kind of hole contests should I have at my golf tournament?

Tahoe Inspired Tournaments stays on the cutting edge of innovative and fun hole contests, and most importantly, we let you know when and where to strategically place the hole contest so we don’t slow down the pace of play on your event day. Need Hole in One Insurance? We are also able to point you in the right direction and set this up for you!

What would be the best play format for my golf tournament – Should I do a scramble or best ball?

This all depends on your audience of players, and this is just one of the many specifics of your event that Tahoe Inspired Tournaments can assist with in helping you make the right decisions, and making your event memorable and fun!

Do we include breakfast and a lunch at my golf tournament? How do I organize the food and beverage and how much should I spend?

Keeping participants fed (and please, don’t forget your volunteers and hole sponsors) and happy is most important during any golf tournament – it is a long day and you need to include food and beverage.  Let Tahoe Inspired  Tournaments build and negotiate menu costs with the venue;  furthermore, let Tahoe Inspired Tournaments show you how to receive valuable sponsorships for your breakfast, cocktail bars, and your post- tournament lunch/dinners!

What happens after the golf tournament is over?

After your event is over, one of the most imperative things that needs to be done is follow-up. Unfortunately, this is one of the most neglected parts of tournaments, and is almost never done.  This includes not only thanking your sponsors but also sending out a survey to your participants and volunteers.  So many forget to do these important steps and Tahoe Inspired Tournaments can manage all of this for you.