Top 5 Qualities to Look For In A Professional Wedding Consultant

Congratulations!  You’re newly-engaged and have also decided that hiring a professional wedding consultant is the wisest investment you can make on your wedding.  You know that an experienced wedding planner can actually save you time and money on one of the most complex events you will ever host in your life.  But with many choices and many inexperienced individuals hoping to make some extra money calling themselves “wedding consultants”, what are the top qualities you should look for when interviewing and making your final decision?  Here are our top recommendations: (more…)

On Choosing Flowers for Your Wedding

Flowers for a wedding (or any special event) are largely chosen based on:

  1. The time of day (example:  brighter or white colored flowers look especially dramatic in the evening by lower light/candlelight .
  2. The formality of the event.
  3. The colors the bride and bridal party are wearing, as well as table linens/design.
  4. The season – many flowers are not in season certain seasons;  choosing flowers in season will mean that the flowers are more cost-effective and fresher.
  5. An indoor or outdoor site.  Many outdoor sites have a naturally gorgeous backdrop, so heavy floral decor is not necessary for the ceremony.
  6. Your spending plan (budget).  There are many ways to extend your florals and decor at a wedding with repurposing.  A professional wedding consultant can help you determine how to do this and investing in his/her services means invaluable time and money saved. 


Figuring Tipping Into Your Wedding & Event Spending Plan

In my last blog, we talked about the importance of establishing a “spending plan” or “budget”.  We talked about my top tips for helping to ensure success.

Another aspect for which many forget to plan in their finances for weddings (or any special event) are the gratuities to service providers.  I am always asked who these people are, and honestly, most of the time it is mentioned in their service contracts, so make sure you and your professional wedding planner review all these contracts carefully.  For most non-hotel (off site) weddings where an outside caterer is brought in, you will be given a suggested “gratuity” (just like restaurants it is anywhere between 15% -20% and up) on top of your bill and cash is always strongly urged for this.  This gratuity is taken and automatically given to (more…)

Thoughts On Preparing The (Dreaded But) Necessary Wedding Budget | Four Tips

Ok, I get it. No one likes giving a “budget” because just the “feel” of the word implies “restriction”.  And when you see how much things cost when planning a wedding, one’s dreams can quickly deflate and one can feel especially restricted.  Especially if you do not have a professional wedding planner who can help you at the onset with maximizing your budget and helping you “marry” (sorry, couldn’t resist) your dreams with a realistic “spending plan”. And that’s the phrase I prefer:  “spending plan“.  Everyone has one.  Even the multi-million dollar weddings have a plan for their money.  And with a professional wedding consultant on your side, they know the tricks to make sure your spending plan is extended as far as possible.  (more…)

Avoiding Holiday & New Year’s Party Clichés: Some Fresh Ideas for 2017/2018

The old tradition of having to host an annual holiday party in December for work, family, or other organizations has been enjoying a fresh re-think for several years now.  Many are finding January more ideal.  Venues and event partners are less booked and more negotiable on services and fees, and it allows guests attending to have something to look forward to during the incredibly stressful and busy month of December when everything feels so crammed together with family visiting, travel plans and more.  (more…)

Top Ceremony Site Scouting Locations To Ask

Determining your wedding and reception location is perhaps the first and most important step in all wedding planning. All your subsequent event partners (vendors and wedding services) will need to know your location and its unique style, complexities, challenges and policies in order to give you a proposal.

Your professional wedding planner can help save you time and money by knowing (more…)

On Wedding Ceremony Programs

I am often asked if couples should have wedding ceremony programs – particularly if they are on a limited spending plan.  The answer is, “it depends”.  If you have an unlimited spending plan, then they are always a nice option and you shouldn’t think twice.  But if you have to make some choices with your finances and wedding ceremony programs may be on the “cut” list, here are some questions to ask yourself: (more…)

When An Event Service Provider (Vendor) Says They Offer Wedding “Coordination”

What happens when an event partner such as a DJ or caterer says that they offer “wedding coordination”?

All of the event partners with whom we work are top notch in their field of expertise, and it’s why we love working in partnership with them. They know what they do best, and they excel at it.

Some other vendors, however, may offer various “pieces” of the puzzle of coordination on the day of the wedding and tempt you by saying that they can “coordinate” your wedding for a nominal upgrade fee. And that fee may be really tempting when you just (more…)

Top Three Myths About Wedding Coordinator Duties

Whether perhaps due to Hollywood stereotypes or general misconceptions which have built up over the years, wedding coordinators have a lot of pressure on them when their clients, guests, or other event partners think certain duties have gone neglected because it was “duty” of the wedding coordinator to perform these duties.

Let’s set the record straight right here and now: a solid, experienced professional coordinator can take care of as much or as little as is contracted- but always has every duty to be performed outlined in writing in contract form in advance. (more…)