For The Gents: The Legendary Bachelor Party | Some Planning Tips

Traditionally, the Bachelor Party was viewed as a sentimental goodbye to singlehood and always had the connotation of riotous, indiscreet partying.

Today’s Bachelor Parties are much more understated, evolved, and in some cases even give a nod to our English neighbors across The Pond with a co-ed “Stag and Hen” night (where both friends of the bride and groom join them for a fun night out altogether).

Here are my top planning tips when planning the ideal Bachelor Party:

Determine who will host:  Traditionally, the Bachelor Party was always planned by the Best Man with the groomsmen helping . This is still primarily the case. Make sure everyone knows his role and if he is financially contributing up front so there are no misunderstandings or tensions later.  It is also acceptable to ask all attending to pitch in, if all who are asked to do so know in advance.

Determine the style:  what kind of celebration will it be?  It can be a simple gathering with friends over drinks, a beach BBQ, an afternoon at a sporting event, a dinner at a nice restaurant or pub, hiking, skiing and much more (did we mention Tahoe and its vicinity are prime Bachelor Party destination hot spots?).

Determine who’s invited: Apart from ensuring anyone who is contributing financially is invited to the party, traditionally the following are always invited to the Bachelor Party:  the Groom (of course), The Best Man, Groomsmen, closest friends and sometimes the Father of the Groom and Father of the Bride.  It is also generally expected that anyone invited to the Bachelor Party should also be on the invite list for the wedding.

A few notes:

  • It is acceptable for a second-time groom have a Bachelor Party.
  • If the event involves alcohol, get a designated driver and/or hire professional transportation to drive the party around.
  • The event should never seek to humiliate or endanger the Bachelor or any of the guests.
  • Try and host the party no later than one week before the wedding. It is never a good idea to host it the night before the wedding.
  • If gifts are given, they are usually inexpensive, sometimes humorous and always in good taste.

The bottomline is that a Bachelor Party is a way to treat the groom to a relaxed time out before he enters the the more responsible demands of matrimony.

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About the author: Susie Tell

CEO and Founder of Tahoe Inspired Susie Tell brings a wealth of education, travel , life experience as well as years of professional expertise producing weddings, private events, fundraisers, galas, golf tournaments and more. Her passion for life is evident when one meets Susie and this enthusiasm and joy translates to events that are alive with soulful detail and energy.

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