On Choosing Flowers for Your Wedding

Flowers for a wedding (or any special event) are largely chosen based on:

  1. The time of day (example:  brighter or white colored flowers look especially dramatic in the evening by lower light/candlelight .
  2. The formality of the event.
  3. The colors the bride and bridal party are wearing, as well as table linens/design.
  4. The season – many flowers are not in season certain seasons;  choosing flowers in season will mean that the flowers are more cost-effective and fresher.
  5. An indoor or outdoor site.  Many outdoor sites have a naturally gorgeous backdrop, so heavy floral decor is not necessary for the ceremony.
  6. Your spending plan (budget).  There are many ways to extend your florals and decor at a wedding with repurposing.  A professional wedding consultant can help you determine how to do this and investing in his/her services means invaluable time and money saved. 


Figuring Tipping Into Your Wedding & Event Spending Plan

In my last blog, we talked about the importance of establishing a “spending plan” or “budget”.  We talked about my top tips for helping to ensure success.

Another aspect for which many forget to plan in their finances for weddings (or any special event) are the gratuities to service providers.  I am always asked who these people are, and honestly, most of the time it is mentioned in their service contracts, so make sure you and your professional wedding planner review all these contracts carefully.  For most non-hotel (off site) weddings where an outside caterer is brought in, you will be given a suggested “gratuity” (just like restaurants it is anywhere between 15% -20% and up) on top of your bill and cash is always strongly urged for this.  This gratuity is taken and automatically given to (more…)

Thoughts On Preparing The (Dreaded But) Necessary Wedding Budget | Four Tips

Ok, I get it. No one likes giving a “budget” because just the “feel” of the word implies “restriction”.  And when you see how much things cost when planning a wedding, one’s dreams can quickly deflate and one can feel especially restricted.  Especially if you do not have a professional wedding planner who can help you at the onset with maximizing your budget and helping you “marry” (sorry, couldn’t resist) your dreams with a realistic “spending plan”. And that’s the phrase I prefer:  “spending plan“.  Everyone has one.  Even the multi-million dollar weddings have a plan for their money.  And with a professional wedding consultant on your side, they know the tricks to make sure your spending plan is extended as far as possible.  (more…)