Avoiding Holiday & New Year’s Party Clichés: Some Fresh Ideas for 2017/2018

The old tradition of having to host an annual holiday party in December for work, family, or other organizations has been enjoying a fresh re-think for several years now.  Many are finding January more ideal.  Venues and event partners are less booked and more negotiable on services and fees, and it allows guests attending to have something to look forward to during the incredibly stressful and busy month of December when everything feels so crammed together with family visiting, travel plans and more. 

Whether you plan to host a party in December or January, here are some clichés to try and avoid if you want to keep guests talking about the party long after it’s over and create some memorable, fresh experiences that will make your event stand out:

  1.  Colors:  Stay away from the traditional “Christmas” red and green.  Pantone’s color of the year is Ultra Violet.  This is stunning paired with silver, frosted whites, and other shimmering colors that say “winter” more than “Christmas”.
  2. Traditional Bars:  Invest in an entertainment service/bar where the bartenders are part of the experience;  further, have a whole second bar dedicated to “mocktails” for those who don’t drink.  If on a budget, consider wine and beer only with one signature cocktail tray-passed, and not a full bar.  No one says you have to have a full liquor bar to have a successful and memorable event.
  3. Forget the photobooth (yes, they are fun… but guests see them at every event).  Instead, consider hiring a videographer and photographer to film folks at work in the month preceding the party , the party itself, and then have a Video Room at the party where guests can record messages.  Have the videographer do an onsite video edit and share the film with everyone on a giant screen during or after dinner for entertainment and/or make copies to give employees as gifts after the party.
  4. Entertainment: Consider a live entertainment/act as part of the party as guests eat and look on;  bands and DJs will never go out of style for music and dancing, but if you really want something different, consider an entertainment experience that will have guests talking for years (think a smaller version of Cirque Du Soleil).  If your spending plan (budget) will allow both band/DJ/dancing and live entertainment, great.  If you have to make a choice, choose something that will surprise your guests and make a memory.
  5. Make your event an experience which takes guests “away” to another place (or time).  Tie your entertainment into your whole event and make the entire event an experience.  Example:  serving Moroccan food?  Have guests dine at tables on the floor with lavish satin pillows and sheer curtains framing them with belly dancers and live musicians as the prime entertainment.
  6. Engage Your Guests.  Create food or beverage stations in which they actually participate with a Chef or Mixologist on creating their own appetizer, dessert or cocktail.  It gets them talking and laughing with each other and provides an experience in which they can bond and talk about for years to come.

Need other creative and fresh ideas for your holiday, New Year’s or corporate event?  Tahoe Inspired can help !  And we have all the event partner resources at our finger tips to provide a one-of-a-kind celebration that will have your guests talking about for years to come.

About the author: Susie Tell

CEO and Founder of Tahoe Inspired Susie Tell brings a wealth of education, travel , life experience as well as years of professional expertise producing weddings, private events, fundraisers, galas, golf tournaments and more. Her passion for life is evident when one meets Susie and this enthusiasm and joy translates to events that are alive with soulful detail and energy.

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