Avoiding Holiday & New Year’s Party Clichés: Some Fresh Ideas for 2017/2018

The old tradition of having to host an annual holiday party in December for work, family, or other organizations has been enjoying a fresh re-think for several years now.  Many are finding January more ideal.  Venues and event partners are less booked and more negotiable on services and fees, and it allows guests attending to have something to look forward to during the incredibly stressful and busy month of December when everything feels so crammed together with family visiting, travel plans and more.  (more…)

Top Ceremony Site Scouting Locations To Ask

Determining your wedding and reception location is perhaps the first and most important step in all wedding planning. All your subsequent event partners (vendors and wedding services) will need to know your location and its unique style, complexities, challenges and policies in order to give you a proposal.

Your professional wedding planner can help save you time and money by knowing (more…)